Air Duct Cleaning

Delo Corp can keep your home's air safe.


Scenarios which would merit a duct cleaning and inspection.

  • After painting or remodel work
  • Water damage
  • Fire
  • Moldy smell coming from vents
  • Black dust stains around registers and grills
  • Sensitivity to allergies
  • Rodents or vermin entering ducting
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We clean air ducting for residential and light commercial properties.

We have added duct cleaning to our list of indoor air quality services offered to our customers. We use the newest machinery to do this.

The Rotobrush aiR+ is a negative pressure type of system with a rotating bristle brush and hepa filtration, that is safe for your ducts whether they are metal or flexible poly type.


The triple hepa filtration of the aiR+ assures that what is removed from the ducts is deposited in the aiR+ not all over your furniture. Over time dirt, dust, lint, and other things can accumulate in your ducts,furnace and evaporator coil, and using the Rotobrush system these things can be greatly reduced if not eliminated completely. Leaving your system clean and the air you breath safe.

What air duct cleaning does not do. It does not fix air flow issues for example if you have rooms that are not getting the proper cooling then duct cleaning won't fix this, but we can figure out what your issues are, then we can prescribe a solution.

Please be aware of duct cleaning scams that are advertised. You cannot do a thorough cleaning for some of these advertised prices. Typically an averaged size house with one system takes a technician about 4 hours to complete.


Environmental Protection Agency

Take a look at what the EPA says about duct cleaning services.


If you find your cooling system is having any of the problems listed above or you would like to set up a site visit, Delo Corp today at 909-641-1857 or schedule your appointment online with us today!