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Just like any other machine, your heating and cooling systems benefit from routine professional maintenance. In fact, routine servicing can help increase service life, efficiency, and ultimately the comfort of you and your family or workplace. A poorly maintained system will rob you of efficiency resulting in higher energy bills. It will shorten the life of the equipment. A well maintained system is not only more reliable but safer for you, your family or employees.

We cannot guess anymore the utilities have realized that it is the air conditioning industry that is to blame for our energy crisis. We recently lost a large nuclear power plant that is not returning, ever. That's 17% of California's electricity. With that loss comes higher electric prices up words of .50-.75 cents per kW compared to .15-.17 cents, and how do we make up for the loss? Making sure we fix our energy waste. The single most wasteful thing on our homes and office buildings is the air conditioning. On average air conditioning is only 57% efficient. We typically see these numbers even on newly installed units. Why such waste,because we prescribe before testing.

Measured Performance

This is a running system tested and measured as a whole, and getting performance value, then converting that value into something we can analyze and convert into cost to use.

When you compare the two deemed (what the equipment is said to save when it's is running. This is determined not as a whole running system but as a component.) vs. measured performance you see the difference in what is perceived to be the cost to operate vs. actual cost to run. Then from there you can prescribe a solution to reduce energy waste.

This is a very simple approach that most other industries use for example your doctor, your mechanic, you dentist, and now your air conditioning company. Remember prescribing before diagnosis is malpractice. If you don't test you don't know.

As a service agreement program customer you get discounted service rates, 24/7 priority scheduling, pre-scheduled maintenance and peace of mind for all your heating and cooling systems.

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