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System Performance Tune-Up = System Check Up

You may see the words system tune-up or system performance tune-up, but what does that even mean or involve? Well your definitely not alone, and that’s why we want you to have a heads up and an understanding of its value.

A system performance tune-up can be likened to the periodic check up that your doctor gives you. A doctor checks your vitals, takes your temperature, blood pressure and other important tests to see how your health is doing. Now if he finds something wrong, he tells you the needed steps for improvement, or if your in tip top shape you’ll have peace of mind and a bill of health.

Same goes for your air conditioner, this is an expensive machine in your home that controls your comfort. This is something you want to make sure is always in a “healthy” condition and is as most efficient as possible. Now imagine your AC breaking down on a 102 degree day and all AC companies busy with a 2 week waiting period? Or having to evacuate your family to your local store for fresh air? That is indeed horrifying.

What a tune-up offers is solutions, peace of mind and ultimate comfort.


Below is our preliminary diagnostic sheets:

What you get in a tune-up

  • Preliminary diagnostic tests
  • System filter change
  • Condenser coils cleaned
  • Duct work check
  • All electrical systems check
  • Airflow check
  • Detailed report